Mission Statement:

WPI is dedicated to developing the world’s best value creators who can make a significant, positive impact on the world.


What Is Value Creation?

Value creation is the process for developing solutions and innovations that people want and that is better than all the alternatives.  Students learn value creation principles as they would any other discipline—with repeated practice that leads to improvement. As students learn the practice of value creation learning and creating concepts, their success becomes more rapid, efficient, and effective.

WPI’s educational approach is ideal for learning and practicing in a value creation framework. Project-based work offers a distinct setting for real-world problem solving that meets a customer's needs. The many diverse talents of team members expand the potential impact, and the inherent teamwork highlights the power of feedback that’s given and received—a proven and continual component of value creation.

Value Creation's Five Disciplines

Value creation principles are based on these five disciplines:

  • Important customer and market needs
  • Value creation process
  • Innovation champions
  • Innovation teams
  • Organizational alignment