Innovation drives economic growth around the world. But even the greatest idea won't deliver impact if it doesn't solve a problem or resolve an issue. 

The process of value creation and learning how to use innovation to create customer value is one of the most marketable skills a person can have. We teach students how to identify a problem that needs to be solved, find a solution, and then fill the customer need for it. Value creation and innovation are the steps before, not after, entrepreneurship. Market the solution, not the idea.

Why Value Creation Matters

Curtis Carlson, Len Polizzotto, and Glenn Gaudette believe value creation is a skill students must have. Learn more about the synergy between value creation methodology and WPI’s project-based approach.

Value Creation Workshops

In VCI-focused workshops, students learn value creation is the next step after theory and practice. Find out how workshops funded by KEEN and the Kern Foundation help them learn to amplify their project work into innovation with a direct purpose.