WPI students want to make a meaningful impact with their work—value creation makes that possible. Students who master this practice use it across their work and personal lives. It applies to basic researchers, commercial professionals, educators, government officials, and entrepreneurs.

Value Creation Takes Practice

Like any other professional skill, learning how to create value takes practice and repetition to get it right. Students brainstorm, give and receive targeted feedback, meet with customers, and continually improve their proposal so it meets a need in a way nothing else does. Some proposals are are quickly put aside for a better approach. By the end, there's a compelling, effective solution for a real-world problem. That's how value creation creates impact in the world.

Value creation is

  • The primary job and responsibility of all professionals, in all positions, and in all professions
  •  A core lifetime skill that becomes more valuable with experience
  • The ability that distinguishes the most impressive professionals

Once you learn how to create value, you understand why it matters. Understanding the difference between na interesting creative product that no one needs and a useful creative product or idea that solves a problem for people helps your work have impact. Value creation principles change the way you approach problems in your work and life.