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Usernames and passwords are private information at WPI. It is against the AUP to share them with anyone. It is up to you to keep your passwords secret, and to change them occasionally to keep them as such. Any violation of this may result in the removal of your account at WPI.

Account Management

Find out how and where to create your accounts, as well as change and reset your passwords.

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UNIX Username and Password

UNIX is an operating environment and houses applications used to support coursework and research, as well as many of the network-based services provided to the WPI Community. Your UNIX username can be up to 16 characters long, and may consist of lowercase letters, numbers, and most special characters. It must also be a unique username that nobody else at WPI has. Your UNIX account determines your e-mail address (i.e. John Doe's UNIX account may be jdoe, therefore his e-mail address is Your UNIX account can be created by visiting Banner Web. The Basic UNIX Commands page will help you get started.

The UNIX username and password grant access to:


Oracle is a database management information system. Banner is the tool used to access the information stored in the database. This information includes services for finance, payroll, admissions, financial aid and registration/academic history, and alumni.

There are multiple methods to access the Banner system:

WPI Username and Password

The WPI username gives students, faculty and staff access to domain resources such as lab computers, file shares, printers and many software titles. It also supports the Microsoft Exchange e-mail system (, allowing for the sharing of information (calendars, e-mail, web interface, etc.) over the network. Students will need their WPI ID number and PIN, as well as a UNIX username, to create this account. This username will automatically be the same as the UNIX username, but the password is set separately. This account is also secure, so if the password is typed incorrectly three times, it will be temporarily locked out for a period of 30 minutes. Student may change their Windows account password, or manually unlock their account, using the CCC Windows Account Maintenance Page. Faculty and staff need to contact the Helpdesk to reset their password or unlock their account.

The WINDOWS username and password grant access to:

myWPI Access

myWPI is WPI's learning and information portal and is located at

First time users must create a UNIX and WINDOWS account to access myWPI. Access to myWPI will be available approximately 1 hour after your accounts are created. The WINDOWS account username and password are used to login to myWPI and they also allow access to public computer labs and other useful systems on campus.

myWPI grants you access to:

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

A PIN allows access to Banner/Oracle. PINs never expire, but can be disabled if they are entered incorrectly three times into Banner Web. The PIN must be six to twenty alpha-numeric characters. You can reset your PIN on the Account Maintenance page if you know your UNIX password. If you do not know your UNIX password or if you have disabled your PIN, you can use the Reset PIN feature if you have set a security question.

The PIN grants access to:

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