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The data network on WPI's main campus consists of a 10 Gigabit Ethernet backbone which connects 37 academic buildings, 2 satellite campuses, and 32 dorms, fraternities, and sororities.

WPI's commodity Internet connections are provided via Gigabit Ethernet lines to Cogent and Charter Communications for a combined total of about one Gigabit/sec. Given that we have 500 megabits from each provider, we could expand to two Gigabits without additional equipment or providers. We also get commodity connectivity through the Internet2 link.

WPI has sponsored Assumption College, Holy Cross, and the American Antiquarian Society for Internet2 and connect them at our Goddard GigaPoP at 474 Main Street. WPI has helped the Merrimack Education Center (MEC) be a part of the Massachusetts Internet2 Sponsored Educational Network Participants (SEGP). MEC is a network which connects over 300 K-12 institutions across Massachusetts and it connects to our GigaPoP at 474 Main. WPI has also sponsored the Museum of Science for Internet2 membership.

WPI also peers with Charter Communications at 474 Main so that cable modem users have a more direct connection to WPI, and to the others who connect to our GigaPoP.

WPI has a Gigabit Ethernet link to the Northern Crossroads (NoX) to gain access to the Internet2 network.

WPI Network Operations manages networking for approximately 17,000 devices. We maintain approximately 2.75 million feet of copper cable and 700,000 feet of fiber.

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