Interdisciplinary & Global Studies Division

San Jose, Costa Rica B2012

Term – B 2012

Project Opportunities – IQP

HousingShared student units in a residential hotel

Director – Professor Susan Vernon-Gerstenfeld

Preparation – 1/2 unit preparation activity in A 2012

(knowledge of Spanish language is not required)

Application Deadline – September 29, 2011 (before 1:00 pm)


Photo taken by Natalie Mello, IGSD




Costa Rica is a land of contrasts: banana plantations, flaming volcanoes, misty black sand beaches and a thriving modern capitalist economy.  A remarkably stable country, politically and economically, Costa Rica offers an opportunity for students to become immersed in a Central American culture where democracy, economic development, and concern for the environment are a permanent part of the landscape.  Students stay in the capital city of San José, but ample opportunity is found to visit the country’s attractions. 



Projects are typically in environmental issues.  Costa Rica’s unique environment provides students opportunities to focus on environmental conservation and sustainable development by working with government agencies dedicated to those issues and with selected museums and private organizations.  Students will become very familiar with the land and with the challenges of maintaining a clean environment in spite of pressures to develop the economy.  Prior knowledge of Spanish language is not required for participation.  All students, however, complete a two-week intensive language program on site.  Those who have some Spanish skills will greatly improve them. 




Estimated Out-of-Pocket Expenses*


NOTE:  In calculating the extra expense to participate in an off-campus project experience compare this figure to expenses incurred while living on campus (groceries or meal plan, entertainment expenses, transportation, etc.)

Travel to site (RT airfare)

$   575

Taxi from airport to residence and return to airport

$    40


$   260

Dining out (7 x term)

$   150

Weekend tourist activities & incidentals

$   800

Estimated total out-of-pocket expenses


Expenses included on your WPI bill*


Housing and program expenses

plus required language course



Estimated Total expenses


Tuition and on-campus housing not included.

* Subject to change due to fluctuations in exchange rate


 Travel Dates:

Arrive:  Saturday, October 20, 2012
Depart:  Friday, December 14, 2012

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