Departments & Programs

Arts & Sciences at WPI comprises more than 30 individual programs leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees from bachelors to masters to doctorate. Use the table below to learn more about specific Arts & Sciences programs at WPI.

Area of Study Division Program
Actuarial Mathematics  Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Aerospace Engineering Engineering Undergraduate, Graduate 
Air Force Aerospace Studies   Undergraduate
Applied Mathematics  Arts & Sciences Graduate
Applied Statistics  Arts & Sciences Graduate
Architectural Engineering  Engineering Undergraduate  
Biochemistry  Arts & Sciences UndergraduateGraduate
Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Arts & Sciences Undergraduate, Graduate
Biology & Biotechnology Arts & Sciences Undergraduate, Graduate
Biomedical Engineering  Engineering Undergraduate, Graduate
Business Administration (MBA) School of Business Graduate
Chemical Engineering  Engineering UndergraduateGraduate
Chemistry Arts & Sciences UndergraduateGraduate
Civil Engineering  Engineering UndergraduateGraduate
Computer Science  Arts & Sciences UndergraduateGraduate
Construction Project Management Engineering Graduate
Communication Across the Curriculum Arts & Sciences  
Cybersecurity Arts & Sciences Graduate
Data Science Arts & Sciences Graduate
Drama/Theatre Arts & Sciences Concentration
Economics Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Electrical & Computer Engineering Engineering Undergraduate, Graduate
English Arts & Sciences Concentration
Entrepreneurship School of Business Undergraduate
Environmental Engineering Engineering Undergraduate, Graduate
Environmental & Sustainability Studies  Arts & Sciences Undergraduate 
Financial Mathematics  Arts & Sciences Graduate
Fire Protection Engineering Engineering Graduate
German Arts & Sciences Concentration
Humanities & Arts  Arts & Sciences Undergraduate 
History Arts & Sciences Concentration
Industrial Engineering School of Business, Engineering  Undergraduate
Industrial Mathematics  Arts & Sciences Graduate
Information Technology School of Business Graduate
Interactive Media & Game Development Arts & Sciences UndergraduateGraduate
Interdisciplinary and Global Studies (IGSD)   Undergraduate
International Studies  Arts & Sciences Undergraduate 
Law & Technology Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Learning Sciences and Technologies Arts & Sciences Graduate
Liberal Arts & Engineering  Arts & Sciences Undergraduate 
Literature Arts & Sciences Concentration
Management School of Business Undergraduate, Graduate
Management Engineering School of Business Undergraduate
Management Information Systems School of Business Undergraduate
Manufacturing Engineering Engineering Undergraduate, Graduate
Marketing & Technological Innovation School of Business Graduate
Mathematical Sciences  Arts & Sciences UndergraduateGraduate
Mathematics for Educators  Arts & Sciences Graduate 
Materials Process Engineering Engineering Graduate
Material Science & Engineering Engineering Graduate
Mechanical Engineering  Engineering Undergraduate, Graduate
Military Science    
Music Arts & Sciences Concentration
Nanoscience Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Organizational Leadership School of Business Undergraduate
Operations Design & Leadership School of Business Graduate
Philosophy Arts & Sciences Concentration
Physics  Arts & Sciences UndergraduateGraduate
Political Science & Law Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Power Systems Engineering Corporate & Professional Education, Engineering Graduate
Pre-Health Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Pre-Law Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Professional Writing Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Psychology Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Religion Arts & Sciences Concentration
Robotics Engineering  Arts & Sciences, Engineering Undergraduate, Graduate
Social Science Arts & Sciences Undergraduate 
Society, Technology & Policy Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Sociology Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Spanish Arts & Sciences Concentration
System Dynamics Arts & Sciences Undergraduate, Graduate
Systems Engineering Corporate & Professional Education, Engineering Graduate
Teacher Preparation Program Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Writing & Rhetoric Arts & Sciences Concentration