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State-of-the-art facilities, world-renowned faculty, international collaborations, and a commitment to individualized attention are just a few of the reasons students choose WPI for their graduate education.

At WPI you’ll have the support structure you need to succeed both personally and professionally. Your research, on the subject matter you are passionate about, will be encouraged. And you’ll have the opportunity to align yourself with one of our world-class faculty members as you investigate some of the most critical problems that society is confronting today.

When you have completed your graduate program at WPI you’ll be equipped with the knowledge, experience, and lifelong support from WPI to help you accomplish great things.

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Transforming Cells to Rebuild the Body

Tanja Domino, associate professor of Biology & Biotechnology, is developing novel techniques that transform adult cells into a stem-like state. These transformed cells can then be used to regenerate tissue damaged or lost to injury or disease.