Suzanne Weekes, Mathematical Sciences

Suzanne Weekes hopes to use her knowledge and skills in mathematics to help inspire future mathematicians and engineers.

Suzanne Weekes’ passion for mathematics allows her to participate in many other areas of science.

Why did you pick the branch of science you are in?

I’m a mathematician and have always enjoyed math and the fact that it allows me to be part of many different aspects of science. It’s not just parametrics or memorizing digits of pi—it’s part of physics, programming, different kinds of engineering, and more.

What are the biggest misperceptions people have about scientists?

That science is only for the few, or only for the gifted, or those of a certain ethnicity or gender. It’s open to all, and there’s something for everyone. Regarding math, it’s that people believe you’re either good at it or you’re not. It’s easy to get stuck in one linear path, and not all of it is for everyone, but there’s so much that could be seen.

What’s something you do that reminds you that you are an #ActualLivingScientist?

Working with students on research projects, solving problems, and taking our knowledge and using it to create more knowledge.

I am a scientist and I…

…believe in truth, and get to explore and discover.

How do you hope your scientific contributions will impact the world?

I hope that the work I do creates knowledge that’s helpful for future mathematicians and engineers.

How has WPI helped you prepare students to become an #ActualLivingScientist?

The ability and opportunity to do research with them about something they’re interested in. I’m proud every year to see them develop confidence over the years and see their accomplishments.