MBA Capstone Project

The Quintessential Graduate Capstone Experience

Aspiring MBA candidates will find the graduate qualifying project (GQP) to be the ultimate challenge. The GQP requires the ability to apply the skills, methods, and knowledge gained through study while solving a significant problem for a real client organization.

Working in groups of four or five students, each team delivers a professional-quality report, an oral presentation, and an executive summary of the project. Expectations are high, as clients pay tens of thousands of dollars for the work and expect a substantial return on their investment.

The GQP can also deliver a great return for the students as well; many later receive job offers from the companies that sponsored their projects. It’s the applied learning that gets results for the client and the student.

Recent GQPs

  • A commercialization plan for high-speed valves applied to hydraulic applications
  • A commercialization plan for a Solar Joules prototype
  • Assessment of Special Education and Limited-English-Proficient Populations in Massachusetts Charter Schools. Read more...
“My GQP was for a company that wanted an exit strategy so they could be bought. We had to figure out what the company needed to do, how to do it, and what they would be worth. This was no test paper. Our results mattered.”
– Oscar Quint, MBA ‘09

To discuss project sponsorship, contact Norm Wilkinson, director of programs.

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