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50 Prescott, 1311
Phone: +1-508-831-4681

“Addressing the critical issues we face in our global, business, political and social contexts will require problem solvers who embrace the notion that interpersonal, organizational, and functional skills are key to being a successful agent for change.”

Karen A. Hebert-Maccaro

Learning is the dynamic process of acquiring knowledge through guided or individual study.  It should not be a passive experience but rather a truly transformative one. Learning is about individual change, growth, and extension.  Learners must engage intensely in the process of constructing meaning. This is facilitated when the learner can comprehend the relevance of the knowledge for his/her own life. Teaching is the opportunity to engage in this transformative process of learning, to help construct relevant meaning for a learner and I find that very rewarding.

My goals for students go beyond content mastery. I attempt to help them improve their ability to think critically, to engage in creative problem solving, to consider alternative approaches and multiple dimensions in any situation, to make ethically and socially responsible decisions and to celebrate difference.

My research in the area of leadership development and talent management inform my teaching in many ways. For example, these efforts connect me to practice in this area and enable me to leverage the connections between the learning process and the professional development process in ways that I believe benefit my students.

I am passionate about teaching and engaging with my students. This is the core work of an institution of higher education and I consider myself fortunate to be engaged in this pursuit.

Research Interests

  • Talent management
  • Leadership development
  • Pedagogical Innovation
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Non-profit management


  • BA UMass 1996
  • Ed.M. Boston University 2000
  • Ph.D. Boston College 2008
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