Program Overview

Start Here, End Up Almost Anywhere

Chemists and Biochemists study the actions and interactions of atoms and molecules, which can lead to the creation of new materials, the discovery of causes and cures for diseases, and methods for cleaning up the environment. Undergraduate students in the Chemistry & Biochemistry department get to work in the labs right away and begin making exciting discoveries of their own.

Biochemistry: The Intersection of Biology and Chemistry

Students who graduate with a degree in biochemistry are well qualified for positions in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Biochemistry distribution requirements include all the technical courses needed for admission to medical, dental, and veterinary schools. It is the major of choice for prehealth professionals.

The Chemistry Major

In addition to its own inherent value, chemistry has an important bearing on many other areas, including materials, biology, medicine, electronics, and psychology. Graduates may continue their education, go to medical school, or start working. Chemistry also provides a good background for many careers not in fields traditionally considered chemistry.