Graduate Certificates

WPI’s Graduate Certificate Program provides an opportunity for students holding undergraduate degrees to continue their study in an advanced area. The CEE Department looks for a specific background when making admission decisions. A B.S. degree in civil engineering or another acceptable engineering field or physical and life sciences discipline (depending on the applicant’s desired program of study) is required for admission the program. The certificate is achieved by satisfactory completion of four thematically related courses. Certificate credits may be applied toward a graduate degree if the student is admitted to a graduate degree program at a later date.

WPI's Advanced Graduate Certificate Program provides master’s degree recipients with an opportunity to continue their studies in advanced topics in the disciplines in which they hold their graduate degree. The program consists of a set of five courses (minimum), none of which were included in the student’s formal master's program of study. The courses may either include a breadth or a depth option, and may be customized to satisfy a student’s unique needs.