Mark Arnold, ‘12

Civil Engineering

Mixed-Use Academic/Parking Structure Design. This project developed architectural plans and a structural design for a new, three-story, steel-framed academic building above a three-story concrete parking garage. The building will house the new School of Business and additional on-campus parking. The design included steel schedules for the academic building, as well as design drawings and specifications for the concrete members of the parking garage.

Why I chose this project:
This project integrated a structural design that would hone my steel and concrete structural design knowledge and provide a unique project that would be challenging.

What I learned from my MQP:
You can never know enough about structural design. I also learned how to work efficiently in a team to accomplish a task. This project made me proficient in areas that I wouldn’t be otherwise.

How I have benefitted from my MQP as a person and a student:
This was a project that lasted the entire school year, providing great teamwork opportunities to learn how to work well with others to achieve a common goal. It helped to build character in dealing with others and helped me learn how to delegate the workload according to individual skills.

How this experience made me stronger in my field:
I learned how to design a structure that had unique aspects, with both concrete and steel construction. It also had unique structural components that wouldn’t have been encountered in a normal building design. This experience not only reinforced what I knew, but expanded it in areas that really made me stronger in my field.

What I accomplished:
This project fulfilled WPI’s School of Business’s requirements. It also met the project goals of increasing parking and green space.

Additional comments about the project system in general at WPI:
The project system helps students to learn on their own in a real-world environment and encourages teamwork to successfully finish a project.

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