Message from the Department Head

Welcome to the Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) department! Civil, environmental, and architectural engineers do great things for our society. Civil engineers are responsible for the infrastructure that transports goods and people; the buildings that we live, work, and recreate in; the technologies to deliver safe drinking water, manage our waste, and remediate hazards; and the systems that protect us against natural disasters. In other words, civil engineers design, construct, and maintain almost every part of our communities--the sustainable, built environment that we live in every day.

The future for civil, environmental, and architectural engineers is exciting, and WPI graduates can look forward to success after receiving their degrees from WPI, which is ranked among the top 10 universities for highest median starting salaries. At WPI, our students think critically, conduct independent research, work in a collaborative environment, and solve challenging problems. And we’ve just started a new program in Architectural Engineering, where students can explore sustainable structures.

We have a flexible project-based engineering curriculum, and more than half of our students participate in a global project experience. For example, CEE students have worked on projects to educate low-income children in the slums of Bangkok, develop data management systems for the maintenance of canals in Venice, and track saddleback sea turtles’ nesting grounds in Costa Rica.

In their senior year, our students complete a multidisciplinary professional design project in their area of interest. Recent projects have included the design and construction of WPI’s new recreational building, using dispersants for managing crude oil spills, and building a net-zero solar-powered house as part of the international Solar Decathlon competition in China 2013 (see our News and Events for more information). 

With our project-based education, emphasis on experiential learning, and collaborative environment, our students have a multitude of options after graduation. Many pursue professional careers in civil and environmental engineering, while others continue their studies in graduate school.

We invite you to explore our website for exciting opportunities in the department and contact us if you’d like more information.  

Tahar El-Korchi
Professor and Department Head
Civil & Environmental Engineering

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