Students Complete Projects with Stantec in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Collaborative MQPs advised by Stantec and Professors Hart and LePage

Four students - Andrew Canniff, Christopher O'Connor, Lindsey Miller, and Nathan Sarapas – completed their Major Qualifying Projects in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in collaboration with Stantec. Christopher and Andrew’s project, “Evaluating Construction Management Techniques for an Electrical Transmission Station”, evaluated five different methods for the construction of a Transition Compound. They produced project schedules and cost estimates, and evaluated the designs based on cost, construction duration, environmental impact, durability, and more. Lindsey and Nathan worked on “Design and Sustainability Assessment of an Electrical Transmission Station.” They proposed a sustainable structural design for a transition building that compensates for post disaster importance factors and the climate of Nova Scotia. Sustainable materials were researched, and the team developed criteria for selecting the best resources.  

The Stantec Project Center was developed by Professor Fred Hart in 2008, and offers students the opportunity to conduct projects at Stantec office locations throughout the US and Canada. The center combines WPI’s fundamental educational philosophy of project-based learning with Stantec’s vision to expand their professional service capabilities and foster valuable research and learning experiences for the next generation of engineers. Stantec has more than 10,000 employees operating out of over 130 locations in North America. This year, the projects were advised by Professors Hart and LePage of WPI, and Ms. Jean M. Peinsznski, P.Eng., of Stantec. In previous years, projects have been conducted in Edmonton and Kentucky.

February 26, 2013

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