Our Students

Students in the Computer Science department at WPI come from diverse backgrounds and from cities, towns, and villages all over the globe. Despite these inherent differences, they also have numerous things in common. They’re smart, ambitious, passionate about computers and technology, and they want to use their ability to solve problems to make a difference in the world.

We’ve spotlighted some of our current students; discover how their professors in the Computer Science department have affected their studies and their lives, why they chose WPI, and why it's a decision they'd make again without hesitation.

Undergraduate Students

Mike Calder, '15
Burlington, MA
BS, Computer Science

Christina Aiello, '15
Methuen, MA
BS, Computer Science

Graduate Students

Curtis Taylor
Lawrenceburg, TN
MS, PhD - Computer Science

Skyler Whorton
Pepperell, MA
BS, Computer Science; MS, Computer Science

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