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Fuller Laboratories

Fuller is home to the Computer Science Department, as well as the Computing and Communications Center and Academic Technology Center. It serves as the heart of WPI’s high-speed computer network, and contains several general access labs filled with Unix workstations, high-power PCs, Macs, laser printers, and other computer equipment.

Applied Logic and Security Group (ALAS) Laboratory

The ALAS Lab has all the necessary equipment for researchers to collaborate on various problems related to security and applied logic, including issues of privacy,  network security, software engineering, software verification, and programming languages.

Human Interaction in Virtual Environments (HIVE) Laboratory

The HIVE lab is designed for exploring next-generation user interface opportunities for virtual reality (VR) and gaming, as well as many other areas of business, industry and government.

Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) Laboratory

The HRI lab at WPI is ideally suited to study robotics, artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, and human-computer interaction. Much of the research being conducted in the lab is leading to improvements in face-to-face interaction between robots and humans.

Interactive Media & Game Development (IMGD) Lab

Our IMGD Lab is a 27-seat teaching/research facility that features Mac and PC workstations equipped with the latest software for building games and creating art. This space is designed so that students can work in a collaborative environment and benefit from synergistic interactive media and game development.

Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Tutoring Lab

The Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Tutoring Lab is located in Fuller 312 and features two DEC Alphas, three Xterms and a Pentium PC.

Database Systems & Data Science Research Lab

The DS Research Lab focuses on impactful research problems and projects in data science, in the broad areas of data management systems, data mining, machine learning, cloud-scale data infrastructures, and big data analytics.