The Data Science Core Competency, composed of five core areas, applies to all WPI Data Science Degree and Certificate programs.

  1. Integrative Data Science (Everyone must take):
    1. *DS 501. Introduction to Data Science 
  2. Mathematical Analytics (Select one):
    1. *DS 502/MA 543. Statistical Methods for Data Science
    2. MA 542. Regression Analysis
    3. MA 554. Applied Multivariate Analysis
  3. Data Access and Management (Select one):
    1. *CS 542. Database Management Systems
    2. *MIS 571. Database Applications Development
    3. CS 561. Advanced Topics in Database Systems
    4. DS 503/CS 585. Big Data Management
  4. Data Analytics and Mining (Select one):
    1. DS 504/CS 586. Big Data Analytics
    2. DS 541. Deep Learning
    3. CS 539. Machine Learning
    4. *CS 548. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
  5. Business Intelligence and Case Studies (Select one):
    1. *MIS 584. Business Intelligence
    2. MKT 568. Data Mining Business Applications

If a student does not have prior background in a particular core category, then the student is advised to take the course with a star (*) within that category. 
If two or more courses are starred, then the student may select either of these starred courses based on their individual interest and background.