Alumni Testimonials

Meet Robotics Engineering Alumni

“Getting my BS and MS of Robotics Engineering at WPI taught me the wide variety of skills needed for robots to map, localize, and navigate around customers at complex retail environments such as Walmart and Albertsons. The exposure to ROS and software engineering made it easy to get started. I use skills I learned at WPI every day to make real robots do real work in the real world. ”

Alex Henning

Principal Software Engineer, Robotics Architecture at Bossa Nova Robotics


“When I first started studying at WPI, working at Tesla was just a dream I wasn’t quite sure I could achieve. However, it’s clear to me that many WPI experiences contributed directly to my success at Tesla. From those initial beginnings in RBE 1001, to learning about motors basics and gearbox design in RBE 2001, sensors in RBE 2002, embedded programming and kinematics in RBE 3001, and higher level programming in RBE 3002, these courses gave me the right tools to build a deep understanding of how components and systems work. Additionally, the rapid schedule and team collaboration forced me to get better at conveying and discussing ideas with team mates. This all culminated when I was asked to support Project Plaid in Germany, which required hands on support, rapid firmware changes, quick decision making, and collaboration with engineers I had never worked with before. In the end, we pulled through and set an un-official record, beating our competitor by over 20 seconds. Looking back now, I keep appreciating my experiences in the RBE program more and more. Being surrounded by other individuals who are as driven and focused as I am really helped me to achieve my dreams, and I wouldn’t change this path for anything.”

Tucker Martin

Software Integration Engineer, Powertrain Thermals, Firmware


"At iRobot, I work with teams across our organization to design products that are changing the way people look at home robotics. The project based curriculum at WPI prepared me for real world technical challenges while emphasizing the importance of collaboration. As President of Rho Beta Epsilon, the robotics honor society, I learned how to unite a large group of engineers to lead the entire robotics community. Serving on the departments faculty committee, as the undergraduate student representative, taught me the importance standing up for the needs of the entire community and finding creative solutions to the challenges it faces. WPI’s Robotics Engineering program equip me with the skills necessary to succeed and I am very grateful for all that I learned."

Sarah O’Grady 

Software Engineer and Project Manager, iRobot