Message from the Department Head

Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

The Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department is internationally recognized for excellence in education and scholarship. The department prides itself in graduating some of the most talented and well prepared engineers and researchers in the world. Students enjoy an innovative inspiring curriculum that highly motivates students to challenge their limits of understanding and achievement. The department has 25 faculty members and about 200 graduate students and 300 undergraduate students. The ECE department alumni hold many leading and critical positions in industry, national laboratories, and faculty positions around the world.

Highlighted by numerous awards for excellence in research and education including 6 NSF CAREER awards, 1 DARPA Young Faculty award, and 7 Board of trustees’ awards for outstanding teaching, the faculty in the ECE department lead several vigorous research programs spanning a broad spectrum of research areas such as microelectronics and embedded systems, signal processing, wireless and communication systems, data security, powersystems, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. The research conducted in the ECE department is highly interdisciplinary and seeks revolutionary approaches to solving many of the critical problems facing our society.


Yehia Massoud

Electrical and Computer Engineering


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