Environmental & Sustainability Studies

No Compromise on Environmental Integrity

If you’re concerned about the consequences of human production and consumption on environmental sustainability, you’re not alone. The effects include pollution, impact on biological diversity, climate change, and sustainability issues. At WPI, you can follow your passion for the planet locally, nationally, and globally and engage in community issues while promoting civic responsibility – all while earning your bachelor of arts degree.

WPI’s project-enriched Environmental & Sustainability Studies (ESS) program, which in addition to its world-class technological education, provides an outstanding, hands-on, liberal arts education in key aspects of human dimensions of environmental change. An innovative, interdisciplinary curriculum, you will gain breadth and depth of knowledge across core disciplines such as biology, chemistry, philosophy, history, and environmental law and policy. Working alongside faculty who are equally passionate about the environment, you’ll gain practical experience, engaging in cutting-edge research in areas such as sustainability studies, environmental justice, environmental sciences, and environmental politics.

A bachelor of arts in ESS will prepare you for graduate school or an exciting, meaningful career. You not only have the competency in technological and scientific skills needed to comprehend complicated environmental issues, but a mastery of methods of inquiry, as well as the relevant sociopolitical understanding to work toward responsible solutions.

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The solutions of tomorrow are not stashed behind the walls of bureaucracy or political halls. They are in the minds of engineers, designers, innovators, researchers, environmentalists, geographers and other spirited individuals .

Stuart Barea, 18