About Environmental Engineering

Students benefit from highly personalized attention In WPI’s Environmental Engineering (EVE) program, working closely with professors who are recognized leaders in their fields of study. Environmental education comprises a number of specialties at WPI: civil engineering, chemical engineering, and mechanical engineering, along with studies in the humanities, where socioeconomic, political, sustainability, and other humanistic issues are also addressed. This approach encourages students to form associations and find solutions wherever their talents and interests lead, without restriction to one single discipline, resulting in practical applications and real-world opportunities.

The program is available as an interdisciplinary major for undergraduate students. At the graduate level, the Master of Science is offered through WPI’s Civil & Environmental Engineering department. The BS/MS program of studies can be completed with EVE degrees at both levels, or students may choose a different major for each degree, to accommodate the comprehensive nature of the environmental engineering discipline. With related multilevel studies available, WPI challenges participants not only to master technical and scientific principles, but also to understand the broader context within which solutions will be implemented.

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