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Resources for Teaching Assistants and Supervisors

Teaching Assistant (TA) Training Seminar

TA Training Seminars are held each August and January. WPI policy is that this training is required for all first-time graduate Teaching Assistants, regardless of prior teaching experience. The next offering will be held on August 23 & 24, 2021. TA training will be a mix of asynchronous and synchronous training using canvas and zoom platforms. All TAs should receive details and canvas course invitation by email, please contact the program coordinator if you need assistance,

Preparation for the TA Training Session on "Engaging Students Through Interactive Lessons"

**TAs should review this material prior to the training session.

The Torch or the Firehose: A Guide for Graduate Teaching Assistants

**TAs should review this material prior to the training session.

This excellent collection of advice by Arthur Mattuck, Professor of Mathematics at MIT, is accessible through the MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) site.

Getting Feedback About Your Performance

TAs benefit from constructive feedback from both the supervising instructor and from students. Some departments have processes for collecting feedback at the end of the course, and some departments have no formal process.  The document linked below explains options for gathering feedback from students both at the end of the course (if the department has no process) and mid-way through the term.