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The Certificate in College Teaching (CCT) program offers formal preparation in teaching for faculty. 

New faculty with little teaching experience who take the Seminar in College Teaching are likely to be better prepared to assume their teaching duties and, consequently, be more productive in developing their research programs. Similarly, more experienced college faculty can also benefit from CCT courses, as they may be very well prepared in their disciplines, but desire formal training in the pedagogy of teaching. Staff members who have teaching roles have also taken CCT courses. 

Tuition Assistance for Faculty

Many WPI faculty and staff members are eligible to receive 75% reimbursement for CCT courses offered by the Higher Education Consortium of Central Massachusetts. Consult the tuition assistance portion of the Human Resources Benefits and Policies Manual for eligibility and procedures. The Morgan Teaching & Learning Center will provide the remaining 25% of tuition assistance for full-time faculty members who successfully complete the Seminar in College Teaching. Interested faculty members should contact Center Director Chrys Demetry before enrolling in the course.