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Ali S. Rangwala

Current fire-safety standards do not fully account for the wide range of combustibility of materials found in industrial settings. Nor do the standards provide for accurate measurement of hazardous dust accumulation within the environment. My research addresses combustion, industrial fire protection, and explosion protection. Among the potentially life-saving projects I’m working on is the development of measurement and sensing devices designed to identify the presence, velocity, and flow direction of smoke. Tunnels, tall buildings, and underground transit systems will be safer once this new technology is deployed. I’m also developing benchmark tests to better understand the physics of ignition and deflagration in dust-air premixed combustion. This research will enable scientists to study combustibility in ways that enable fire safety professionals to predict fire and explosion hazards. Our work on developing novel methods and techniques for measurement of fire-induced flows will aid in better understanding of the complex fire problem.

Research Interests

  • Theoretical and experimental study of ignition and deflagration of dust clouds
  • Velocity measurement of fire induced flows
  • Flame spread on solid and liquid fuels.


  • BS, Government College of Engineering, India
  • MS, University of Maryland
  • PhD, University of California, San Diego

Featured Publications

  • A. S. Rangwala, S. G. Buckley and J. L. Torero, "Analysis of the Constant B-number Assumption while Modeling Flame Spread," Comb and Flame, Vol. 152 (3), 401-414, 2008.
  • A. S. Rangwala, V. Raghavan, J. E. Sipe and T. Okano, "A New Property Evaluation Scheme for Mass Transfer Analysis in Fire Problems," Fire Safety Journal, Vol.44 (4),pp. 652, 2009.
  • M. J. Gollner, K. Overholt, F. A. Williams, A. S. Rangwala, and J. Perricone, "Warehouse commodity classification from fundamental principles. Part I: commodity and burning rates," Fire Safety Journal, Vol. 46 (6), pp 305-316, 2011.
  • K. Overholt, M. J. Gollner, F. A. Williams, A. S. Rangwala, and J. Perricone, "Warehouse commodity classification from fundamental principles. Part II: Flame Heights and Flame Spread," Fire Safety Journal, Vol. 46 (6), pp 317-329, 2011.
  • K. A. Joshi, V. Raghavan, and A. S Rangwala, "An Experimental Study of Coal Dust Ignition in Wedge Shaped Hot Plate Configurations," Comb. Flame, Vol. 159, pp 376-384, 2012.
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