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Atwater Kent Laboratories, 124
Phone: +1-508-831-5587

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Dmitry Berenson

My research focuses on robotic manipulation, motion planning, and collaborative robotics. I have developed motion planning algorithms which enable mobile manipulators, humanoid robots, and medical robots to perform many kinds of practical tasks by generating motion that obeys a variety of simultaneous constraints, takes into account sensor uncertainty in the planning process, and uses previous experience to plan faster. My work has been featured in National Geographic, BBC News, PBS, Scientific American, and Fortune. My current research focuses on combining machine learning and motion planning, manipulating deformable objects, and collaborative medical robotics.

Research Interests

  • Motion planning
  • Robotic manipulation
  • Medical robotics


  • BS, Cornell University, 2005
  • MS, Carnegie Mellon University, 2009
  • PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, 2011
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