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Darko Volkov

Professor Volkov's research in applied mathematics relies on Partial Differential Equations theory, Integral Equations theory, and asymptotic and numerical methods. He is interested in abstract existence and uniqueness questions as well as inverse problems and their numerical solutions. Applications of his research include electromagnetic theory, wave propagation, and seismology. He has been teaching all levels of math classes, from Calculus to Graduate Analysis. He particularly enjoys how WPI students are forthcoming in talking to him outside class time, as he believes that the most valuable learning experience occurs during one-on-one discussions.

Research Interests

  • Partial Differential Equations Theory
  • Integral Equations Theory
  • Inverse Problems


  • PhD, Rutgers, 2001

Featured Publications

  • "Asymptotic formulas for perturbations in the electromagnetic fields due to the presence of inhomogeneities of small diameter," M. S. Vogelius, D. Volkov, ESAIM: Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Analysis 34 (04), 723-748
  • "An inverse problem for the recovery of active faults from surface observations," I. R. Ionescu, D. Volkov, Inverse Problems 22, 2103
  • "Asymptotic formulas for thermography based recovery of anomalies," H. Ammari, A. Kozhemyak, D. Volkov, Numer. Math.: TMA 2, 18-42
  • "A numerical boundary Eigenvalue problem for elastic cracks in free and half-space," D. Volkov, Journal of Computational Mathematics 29 (5), 543-573
  • "An eigenvalue problem for elastic cracks in free space," D. Volkov, Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences 33 (5), 607-622

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