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Janice Gobert

Professor Gobert is a cognitive scientist by training. Her expertise is in the design of learning and assessment technologies for science, including using computer science techniques for assessing students’ science inquiry skills. She and her team are developing an intelligent tutoring system that assesses students’ science inquiry skills, reports these in real time to the teacher, and can tutor students in real time as they learn science. Her group has also developed an eye tracking system that guides students to more expert-like reading and viewing patterns when learning science from digital materials.

She enjoys teaching both because it allows for opportunity to impart knowledge and skills to students, as well as learn how they use technology to learn and what they think about its future for learning. Professor Gobert enjoys teaching at WPI in particular because the students are innovation minded and dedicated. What she finds exciting about working in the area of learning technologies is that it allows for the combination of technological innovation with theoretical knowledge of how people learn.

Research Interests

  • Learning with visualizations and simulations in science
  • Learning and assessment with technology
  • Student characteristics such as epistemology and its relationship to content learning


  • BA, Psychology (Honors), Laurentian University, Ontario, 1985
  • MA, Educational Psychology & Cognitive Science, McGill University, 1989
  • PhD, Cognitive Science, University of Toronto, 1994

Featured Publications

  • Gobert, J., Sao Pedro, M., Raziuddin, J., and Baker, R. S., (2013). From log files to assessment metrics for science inquiry using educational data mining. Journal of the Learning Sciences, 22(4), 521-563.
  • Hershkovitz, A., Baker, R.S.J.d., Gobert, J., Wixon, M., Sao Pedro, M. (in press). Discovery with models: A case study on carelessness in computer-based science inquiry. To appear in American Behavioral Scientist.
  • Gobert, J., Sao Pedro, M., Baker, R.S., Toto, E., & Montalvo, O. (2012). Leveraging educational data mining for real time performance assessment of scientific inquiry skills within microworlds, Journal of Educational Data Mining, Article 15, Volume 4, 153-185.
  • Gobert, J., Wild, S., & Rossi, L. (2012). Examining Geoscience Learning with Google Earth: Testing the Effects of Prior Coursework and Gender. Special issue on Google Earth and Virtual Visualizations in Geoscience Education and Research. Geological Society of America, Special Paper 492, 453-468.
  • Sao Pedro, M.A., Baker, R.S.J.d., Gobert, J., Montalvo, O. Nakama, A. (2011). Leveraging Machine-Learned Detectors of Systematic Inquiry Behavior to Estimate and Predict Transfer of Inquiry Skill. User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction. DOI: 10.1007/s11257-011-9101-0
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