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Jianyu Liang

Professor Liang experimentally studies the physics and interface science at nanometer scales and creates devices with improved performance. Her team responds to the challenging interdisciplinary nature of their research endeavor through successful collaboration with colleagues with expertise in metrology, physics, bioscience, medical science, chemistry, and chemical engineering.

Her educational effort is focused on contributing to the creation of a well-structured nanoscience and nanotechnology curriculum at WPI. She has created two new courses with technical focuses on nanomaterials (ME4875/MTE575/MTE594) and nanobiotechnology (ME/CHE 230x) for seniors/graduate students and sophomores, respectively. She enjoys fruitful research experience with our capable graduate and undergraduate students.

Research Interests

  • Nanomaterials
  • Li-ion batteries
  • Fuel cells
  • Nanobiotechnology


  • BS, Central South University, China, 1995
  • MS, Central South University, China, 1998
  • Ph.D., Brown University, 2005

Featured Publications

  • 32. M. Pasquali, J. Liang, and S. Shivkumar, “Role of AAO Template Filling Process Parameters in Controlling the Structure of One-dimensional Polymer Nanoparticles”, Nanotechnology, vol. 22, Art. 375605, Sep. 2011
  • 30. H. Duan, J. Gnanaraj, and J. Liang, “Synthesis and Rate Performance of Fe3O4-based Cu Nanostructured Electrodes for Li-ion Batteries”, Journal of Power Sources, vol. 196, pp. 4779-4784, May 2011
  • 24. S. Dougherty, D. Zhang, and J. Liang, “Fabrication of Protein Nanotubes Using Template-assisted Electrostatic Layer-by-Layer Methods”, Langmuir, vol. 25, pp.13232-13237, Nov. 2009
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