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Salisbury Laboratories, 23
Phone: +1-508-831-5226

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John Sanbonmatsu

John Sanbonmatsu is interested in critical social theory and political philosophy. He would love to talk about philosophy and the meaning of life with anyone who wants to give him a call or sit down with him over coffee.

Research Interests

  • Continental philosophy
  • Marxism
  • Sociology
  • Critical animal studies
  • Feminist theory


  • BA, Hampshire College
  • PhD, University of California at Santa Cruz

Featured Publications

  • Critical Theory and Animal Liberation (Rowman & Littlefield, 2011).
  • “Blood and Soil: Notes on Lierre Keith, Locavores, and Death Fetishism,” Upping the Anti, May 2011 (also published in longer form online, on ZNET).
  • “Video Games and Machine Dreams of Domination,” in Gail Dines and Jean Humez, eds., Gender, Race, and Class in Media, 3rd Ed. (SAGE: 2010).
  • “The Holocaust Sublime: Singularity, Representation, and the Violence of Everyday Life,” American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Vol. 68, No. 1 (Jan. 2009), 101-127.
  • The Postmodern Prince (Monthly Review Press, 2004)
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