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Renata Konrad

I consider myself both a lifelong student and a teacher. After working in industry for several years, I decided to enter the world of academia for want of researching and learning. I enjoy these two aspects of academia and strive to make these elements constituents of my career.

The application of Industrial Engineering and mathematical knowledge has always been a rewarding challenge for me. Over the past several years, I have focused my research in the healthcare industry, which is particularly exciting given the current debates on healthcare reform. While operational resource allocation problems have been studied extensively in manufacturing and computer sciences it has received scant attention in healthcare. Typical decisions involving resources include (1) admitting and discharging patients, (2) shift staffing, scheduling, and workload balancing, and (3) prioritizing patient care and scheduling patient services. Although such decisions have significant optimization potential, healthcare managers rarely have access to the sophisticated decision support systems common in other industries. One reason for this is that the work-flow models necessary for predicting operational resource requirements have not been developed. My current research focuses on developing patient-flow models to better support operational decision typically faced by hospital managers. I work with UMass Medical School and Veterans Affairs.

One of my favorite things about WPI is its emphasis on theory and practice. In this spirit, I believe research complements teaching. I particularly enjoy project advising, as it provides me a learning opportunity taught by my students. Through projects I learn about different problems facing industry, and with the students explore possible solutions. I find that the process, though painful at times, promotes maturity, initiative, and creativity.

Research Interests

  • Decision-Analytic Modeling
  • Discrete Event Stochastic Simulation-Based Optimization
  • Design and Application of Healthcare Resource Allocation Problems
  • Production/Service Systems Planning
  • IE Education


  • B.A.Sc., University of Toronto, 1999
  • M.A.Sc., University of Toronto, 2004
  • Ph.D., Purdue University, 2009

Featured Publications

  • Kopach, R., DeLaurentis, P.,  Lawley, M., Muthuraman, K., Ozsen, L., Rardin, R., Wan, H., Intrevado, P., Qu  X., Willis, D. Effects of Clinical Characteristics on Successful Open Access Scheduling. Healthcare Management Science, 10(2), 111-124, 2007.
  • Konrad, R., Lawley, M., Criswell, M., Hasan, I., Chakraborty, S., Pekny J., Doebbeling, B. Applying Systems Engineering Concepts to the Care of Complex Patients. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 22(Suppl 3),431-437 2007.
  • Kopach, R.,  Balcıoğlu, B., Carter, M. Tutorial on Constructing a Red Blood Cell Inventory Management System with Two Demand Rates. European Journal of Operational Research, 185(3), 1051-1059, 2008
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