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Atwater Kent Laboratories, 308
Phone: +1-508-831-5634
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Kaveh Pahlavan

I am a professor of ECE, a professor of CS, and director of the Center for Wireless Information Network Studies (CWINS). My laboratory, the first of its kind in the world, specializes in radio propagation study for the design of algorithms used in wireless networks. Beginning in 1985 we applied our research to the design of wireless local and personal area networks and since the mid-’90s to wireless localization applications. My passion is in innovation and entrepreneurship and my students and I have been involved in a number of leading-edge start-up companies. I like to work closely with my students and colleagues and share my entrepreneurship and life experiences with them. My lifetime hobbies have been reading philosophy, ancient history, psychology, and poetry; playing volleyball and tennis; listening to music; and dancing. I have taken at least one of these hobbies seriously in one of the stages of my life. I would love to discuss poetry, philosophy, psychology, and ancient history with the experts and the ordinary people. I have won a number of trophies and titles in sports. I listen to music before I sleep, and now that our children have grown up, my wife and I have taken a variety of ballroom dancing lessons for many years.

Research Interests

  • Body area networking
  • Localization for cooperative robotics applications
  • Indoor geolocation
  • WiFi localization
  • UWB localization
  • Broadband and location aware wireless networks



  • MS, University of Teheran, 1975
  • Graduate Student, University of Oklahoma, 1975-1976
  • PhD, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1979

Featured Publications

  • K. Pahlavan and P. Krishnamurthy, Principles of Wireless Access and Localization, Wiley, November 2013
  • J. He, K. Pahlavan, S. Li and Q. Wang, “A Testbed for Evaluation of the Effects of Multipath on Performance of TOA-based Indoor Geolocation” , IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement (Volume:62, Issue: 8), August 2013.
  • K. Pahlavan, G. Bao, Y. Ye, S. Makarov, U. Khan, P. Swar, D. Cave, A. Karellas, P. Krishnamurthy and K. Sayrafian, "RF Localization for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy", Invited paper, International Journal of Wireless Information Networks, Springer ( Vol 19, No. 4), December  2012 .
  • Nader Moayeri , Jalal Mapar, Stefanie Tompkins and Kaveh Pahlavan (Editors), “Localization and Tracking for Emerging Wireless Systems”,  IEEE Wireless Communications  Magazine,  April  2011.
  • K. Pahlavan, F. Akgul, Y. Ye, T. Morgan, F. A.-Shabdiz, M. Heidari, C. Steger, “Taking Positioning Indoors: Wi-Fi Localization and GNSS”, InsideGNSS, vol. 5, no. 3, May, 2010.

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Professional Highlights

  • Trustee’s award for Outstanding Research, 2011 
  • Awarded the first Fulbright-Nokia fellowship, 2000
  • Elected as the first non-Finnish fellow of the Nokia, 1999
  • Elected as a fellow of IEEE, 1996
  • Selected as the first Westin Hadden Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at WPI, 1993-1996

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