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Goddard Hall, 224A
Phone: +1-508-831-5666

Nikolaos Kazantzis

I believe strongly in the primacy of the quality of the student-teacher relationship, its mutually precious intellectual and emotional rewards, and its key role in the attainment of educational objectives such as the development of the student's critical thinking, the capacity for self-exploration, and independence of judgment. Furthermore, at WPI both undergraduate and graduate curricula are creatively designed to highlight the many nuanced forms and features of the inherently complex, ever-evolving, value conflict-laden, and contextually rich interaction between science, technology, culture, and society. As a result, the prospect of a singular educational experience is offered to our students as they prepare themselves to responsibly and confidently deal with the great problems of our time.

Research Interests

  • Energy and Environmental Systems Analysis
  • Energy Production Systems Performance Assessment
  • Chemical Process Safety
  • Risk Analysis and Characterization
  • Regulation of Chemicals


  • PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1997

Featured Publications

  • J. Zhang, M. A. Cardin, N. Kazantzis, S. K. Ng and Y. H. Ma, 2015, Economic Evaluation of Flexibility in the Design of IGCC Plants with Integrated Membrane Reactor Modules, Systems Engineering, Vol. 18, Issue 2, pp. 208-227.
  • M. Rooney, W. J. Nuttall and N. Kazantzis, 2015, A dynamic model of the global uranium market and the nuclear fuel cycle, Resources Policy, vol. 43, pp. 50-60.
  • R. Koc, N. Kazantzis and Y. H. Ma, 2014, Membrane technology embedded into IGCC plants with CO2 capture: An economic performance evaluation under uncertainty, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, vol. 26, pp. 22–38.
  • F. Guazzone, J. Catalano, I. P. Mardilovich, T. Wu, R. C. Lambrecht, S. Datta, J. Kniepd, S. Panded, N. Kazantzis and Y. H. Ma, 2013, " Enhancement of the Long-Term Permeance, Selectivity Stability and Recoverability of Pd-Au Membranes in Coal Derived Syngas Atmospheres ", Energy and Fuels, vol. 27, pp. 4150-4160.
  • V. Kazantzi, A. El-Halwagi, M. El-Halwagi and N. Kazantzis, 2013, " Managing Uncertainties in a Safety-Constrained Process System for Solvent Selection and Usage: An Optimization Approach with Technical, Economic and Risk Factors",  Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, vol. 15, pp. 213-224.
  • J. Catalano, F. Guazzone, I. P. Mardilovich, N. Kazantzis and Y. H. Ma, 2013, " Hydrogen Production in a Large Scale Water Gas Shift Pd-Based Catalytic Membrane Reactor ", Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, vol. 52, pp. 1042-1055.
  • R. Koc, N. Kazantzis, W. J. Nuttall and Y. H. Ma, 2013, "An Economic Evaluation Framework for Membrane Reactor Modules in the Presence of Uncertainty: The Case for Process Safety Investment and Risk Reduction",  Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, vol. 26, pp. 468-477.
  • F. Guazzone, J. Catalano, I. P. Mardilovich, J. Kniep, S. Pande, T. Wu, R. C. Lambrecht, S. Datta, N. Kazantzis and Y. H. Ma, 2012, " Gas Permeation Field Tests of Composite Pd and Pd-Au Membranes in Coal Derived Syngas Atmospheres", International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, vol. 37, pp. 14557-14568.
  • R. Koc, N. Kazantzis, W. J. Nuttall and Y. H. Ma, 2012, " Economic Assessment of Inherently Safe Membrane Reactor Technology Options Integrated Into IGCC Power Plants ", Process Safety and Environmental Protection, vol. 90, pp. 436-450.

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Labs and Centers

  • Center for Inorganic Membrane Studies, WPI 
  • Hughes Hall and Energy Policy Research Group, University of Cambridge, UK  
  • MKOC Process Safety Center, College Station, Texas

Professional Highlights

  • National Science Foundation (NSF) Career Award.
  • Associate Editor: IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, Systems, and Control Letters; IEEE Control Systems - Conference Editorial Board; Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries; IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control. 
  • United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Clean Development Mechanism.
  • Working Group on Chemical Accidents, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.
  • Technical Committee: Nonlinear Control Systems, International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) .  
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