Interdisciplinary and Global Studies

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Salisbury Laboratories, 334
Phone: +1-508-831-6164

Stephen McCauley

Stephen McCauley is an Adjunct Teaching Professor in the Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division.   He is primarily responsible for teaching a course that prepares students for their intensive off-campus Interactive Qualifying Projects.  Trained in the interdisciplinary field of human-environment geography, Steve is passionate about linking knowledge and action for sustainability.  He believes that wise sustainable development strategies emerge only out of critical study of the complex linkages between communities and natural resources.  And conversely, he believes the most important educational insights come through engaging with real-world problems.   He enjoys traveling with students on this journey of action learning.   

Steve’s research focuses on grassroots innovation, community-led sustainable development, and critical policy analysis for sustainability.  His research projects have explored various green transitions – smart growth initiatives, eco-city planning initiatives, urban climate response strategies, and energy system upgrades – with an eye toward identifying critical lessons about sustainability transitions.  He seeks to apply insights emerging from his research to practical applications in sustainability planning.   

Steve has designed and taught numerous other courses in environmental studies, including a course on Sustainable Communities.  He is also passionate about pursuing sustainability in practice, and he has worked on eco-city planning, permaculture design, and natural building projects in China, Japan, New York, New Mexico and Massachusetts.  He is currently working on a project for the Environmental Protection Agency to develop a framework for evaluating urban climate change resilience across cities in the US. 

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