Food Sustainability

Food is hot! Free range chickens, locavores in San Francisco, organic veggies, frankenfoods, high fructose corn syrup – all topics in the news. Can we feed the world? Does use of ethanol in gasoline cause food shortages? What are the dangers and benefits to genetic engineering of food plants? Learn about and work to solve the current paradoxes of our food situation – the malnutrition of too little AND too much food: deprivation and obesity. What solutions are there – political, economic, biological and chemical?

Students in this course have...

  • Developed a plan to expand the Meals and Wheels Program in Worcester
  • Analyzed the impact of aspartame on children's health
  • Developed a business plan for aquafarming in the Northeast
  • Connected Heifer International with WPI's project Center in Namibia


  • Course takes place in A & B terms
  • Professors: Kristin Wobbe (Chemistry and Biochemistry) and Sharon Wulf (School of Business)
  • Class meetings: Monday and Wednesday 3:00-4:50
  • This seminar sequence will count towards a Management (MG 1000) and Chemistry (CH 1000) general elective credit.
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Student Projects

Check out some of the past Feed the World projects students have completed in the poster galleries below: