Insight Program

The Insight Program offers you a team of professionals focused on your first year experience—a faculty advisor, a community advisor, and resident hall advisor, each working together to answer questions and provide the guidance and support and fun needed to make the most of your first year at WPI. The goal of the Insight Program is to make your transition to college life a successful one. During New Student Orientation (NSO), you will join an Insight team with a group of other students on your residence hall floor. You will meet with your respective Insight team throughout NSO and the year to socialize with peers and participate in educational programs. The Insight program allows you to develop close relationships with your peers, as well as mentoring relationships with upperclassmen and faculty through shared learning and social experiences outside of the traditional classroom setting! Learn more about the Insight Recognition Awards Program...

Get More Insight Day--Monday, October 27, 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

A day of information and activity, specifically to help First Year students prepare for the rest of the academic year with more academic advising and support. Students will:

  • Reconnect with their Insight group
  • Meet faculty in their anticipated major
  • Determine C and D term courses
  • Plan out their Humanities and Arts requirement
  • Explore majors, careers and internships
  • Recap what went well in A-term
  • Learn about important deadlines
  • Set goals and create a plan for B term

The agenda for the day will be available soon. Have questions? Ask your Insight team or contact academic advising at 508-831-5381 or e-mail