The World's Water

Explores the looming water crisis from social and ecological perspectives. Topics include water as a human right, water pollution, ecosystem services, technological innovation, and global governance. You will explore why exactly on a planet covered by so much water is this resource becoming increasingly scarce. The roles of organizations and individuals will be examined both in terms of their contributions to the crisis versus their efforts for a sustainable solution. Students also study change management issues as data trends, Chinese and US water policy, population dynamics, ethics, hydropolitics, and integrated strategies.

Students in this course have...

  • Compared road deicers for impacts on waterways
  • Devised new intelligent lawn irrigation systems
  • Evaluated various water filtration strategies
  • Recommended improvements in textile dying


  • Course takes place in A & B terms
  • Profesors: Sharon Wulf (School of Business) and Derren Rosbach (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
  • Class meetings: Monday and Wednesday 3:00-4:50
  • This seminar sequence will count towards Engineering Science (ES 1000) and Management (MG 1000) general elective credit.