Research Areas

Industry-leading research in a world-renowned program

Whether it's about firefighter safety, combustion protection, or studying the effects of materials in fire conditions, fire protection engineering research is multi-disciplinary in its nature. Mechanical, civil, electric, and chemical engineers all contribute to making our world safer.

WPI Fire Protection Engineering, in concert with industry leaders, has developed state-of-the-art laboratories where students learn directly from faculty in a collaborative environment searching for the best way to build and protect against fire.

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  • Firefighter Safety and Policy

    Research Profile

    Name: Kathy Notorianni, PhD

    Professor Notarianni is researching the best procedural standards and resource allocation required to reduce loss of life and property for firefighters and civilians.

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  • Fire dynamics and materials

    Research Profile

    Name: Nicholas A. Dembsey

    Professor Dembsey and doctoral candidate Esther Kim are developing new techniques for practicing engineers to measure fire properties of materials.

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  • Combustion and Explosion Protection

    Research Profile

    Name: Ali Rangwala

    Professor Rangwala and his team study fundamental combustion properties as they relate to fire safety, including methods for identifying the presence, velocity and flow direction of smoke.

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