Fall 2019 graduate travel award applications will open August 20, 2019.

Deadline to apply will be October 11th.   

To apply for conference travel assistance, you must complete the application. The application will be available again once the assistance program reopens.

There are two parts. The first part is completed by the graduate student. When the student enters the advisor's email address, a second part of the application will be sent directly to the advisor. Both parts must be completed for consideration.

Funding is competitive and limited, and a review process will be used to evaluate applications.  

General Guidelines

  • All WPI graduate students are eligible to apply and must still be a WPI graduate student at the time of the conference itself. 
  • You can apply only if you are giving an oral or poster presentation at a regional, national, or international meeting.   
  • Funds may not be used to attend a meeting if you are not the presenting author.    
  • Funds may not be used for networking or collaborative visits that are not associated with a conference.   
  • Funds cannot be used for society memberships.
  • Students may apply no more than once per academic year.    
  • There is no limit on the number of graduate students from a Principal Investigator's group that may apply each year, but this may affect the award decisions.  
  • If an award is being made, the student will be given $500 or $1000 towards travel including conference registration, travel to the meeting location, and hotel accommodations. (Meals are not covered by the Travel Fund.) The Principal Investigator or Department/Program should fund the rest of the costs. The student should not be responsible for these expenses. 
  • Acceptable items include transportation, lodging, meeting registration, and poster printing. Meals are not supported.
  • All expense reports should be forwarded to the Dean of Graduate Studies in Boynton Hall within one month of the date of the conference. Any funds not claimed within one month of the conference date will be forfeited.

Spring 2019 Graduate Student Travel Award Recipients

Almazyad, Fadi Information Technology
Burnett, Kyra Biomedical Engineering
Catherman, Davis Robotics Engineering
Chagnon, Christopher Foisie Business School
Chen, Xinyu Mathematical Sciences
Cooper, Benjamin Aerospace Engineering
Cui, Hongzhu​ Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
Daralagodu Dattatreya Jois, Sathwik Bharadwaj Physics
Das, Debanik Physics
Desrosiers, Matthew Biology and Biotechnology
Dutia, Dharini Robotics Engineering
English, Elizabeth Biomedical Engineering
Farazi, Shahab Electric and Computer Engineering
Galotto, Giulia Biology and Biotechnology
Gandomi, Katie Robotics Engineering
Gasoto, Renato Robotics Engineering
Gerych, Walter Data Science
Goldblatt, Zachary Biomedical Engineering
Hartsvigsen, Thomas Data Science
Jain, Prateek Foisie Business School
Jarvis, Edward Physics
Jimenez-Castillo, Luis Foisie Business School
Kakar, Tabassum Data Science
Khoja, Basma Entrepreneurship
Kimmerly, Veronica Fire Protection Engineering
Kouhizadeh, Mahtab Foisie Business School
Kulhman, Caitlin Computer Science
Kushnir, Kateryna Physics
Lawler, Daniel Biomedical Engineering
Li, Guangjiang Physics
Li, Lening Robotics Engineering
Liu, Haitao Data Science
Liu, Xuan Robotics Engineering
Liu, Ruixue Computer Science
Loeian, Masoud Mechanical Engineering
Maag, Alex Chemical Engineering
Mancuso, Megan Biomedical Engineering
McKee, Michelle Biology and Biotechnology
Mohekar, Ajit Mechanical Engineering
Nemlekar, Heramb Robotics Engineering
Niu, Luyao Electrical and Computer Engineering
Norouzi Nia, Javad Foisie Business School
Ornell, Kimberly Biomedical Engineering
Orr, Robert Biology and Biotechnology
Pan, Menghai Computer Science
Patel, Jayam Umesh Robotics Engineering
Pi, Xiaoyue Fire Protection Engineering
Pietrucha, Matthew Interactive Media & Gaming Development
Pooladvand, Koohyar Mechanical Engineering
Ramakrishnan, Anand Computer Science
Reilly, Douglas Biology and Biotechnology
Ren, Yundong Mechanical Engineering
Rosewitz, Jessica Civil and Environmental Engineering
Sen, Cansu Computer Science
Shi, Yu Foisie Business School
Smith, Hannah Learning Sciences and Technologies
Snider, Danielle Biology and Biotechnology
Sousa, Bryer Materials Science & Engineering
Tang, Haimi Mechanical Engineering
Tasdighi Kalat, Shadi Mathematical Sciences
Tlachac, Monica Data Science
Vargas Blanco, Diego Biology and Biotechnology
White, Samuel Robotics Engineering
Xu, Zhiqing Mathematical Sciences
Yan, Yizhou Computer Science
Yang, Songge Mechanical Engineering
Ye, Jiaxuan Mathematical Sciences
Zaker, Azadeh Chemical Engineering
Zhu, Qingyun Foisie Business School
Zhuang, Zhongfang Computer Science