Graduate Student Travel Award

Typically, there is an application window each Fall and Spring, with deadlines in October and March, respectively.   

To apply for conference travel assistance, you must complete the application. The application will be available again once the assistance program reopens.

There are two parts. The first part is completed by the graduate student. When the student enters the advisor's email address, a second part of the application will be sent directly to the advisor. Both parts must be completed for consideration.

Funding is competitive and limited, and a review process will be used to evaluate applications.  

    General Guidelines

    • All WPI graduate students are eligible to apply and must still be a WPI graduate student at the time of the conference itself. 
    • You can apply only if you are giving an oral or poster presentation at a regional, national, or international meeting.   
    • Funds may not be used to attend a meeting if you are not the presenting author.    
    • Funds may not be used for networking or collaborative visits that are not associated with a conference.   
    • Funds cannot be used for society memberships.
    • Students may apply no more than once per academic year.    
    • There is no limit on the number of graduate students from a Principal Investigator's group that may apply each year, but this may affect the award decisions.  
    • If an award is being made, the student will be given $500 or $1000 towards travel including conference registration, travel to the meeting location, and hotel accommodations. (Meals are not covered by the Travel Fund.) The Principal Investigator or Department/Program should fund the rest of the costs. The student should not be responsible for these expenses. 
    • Acceptable items include transportation, lodging, meeting registration, and poster printing. Meals are not supported.
    • All expense reports should be completed in Workday or by manual form and forwarded to the Dean of Graduate Studies at 60 Prescott St. or submitted online to Amy Case at, within one month of the date of the conference. Any funds not claimed within one month of the conference date will be forfeited.
    • Here is the link to the HUB site article with instructions for completing your expense report: The WPI Hub | Article | Workday Expense Reports. Be sure to include “Graduate Travel Award” in the comments section, as well as in the header and expense line Memo fields of the expense report, along with the name, date and location of the conference that you attended.
    • In the event that your expenses exceed the amount of your travel award, you will need to split your expense(s) and provide an additional funding source.
    • If you do not have a paid position or are on a fellowship, then you must use the manual expense report form as the option to create an expense report. In this case, you should return your completed Student Non-Employee WPI expense report, including all receipts, to Amy Case, Office of Graduate Studies, 60 Prescott Street, Suite 200 or online at for reimbursement.
    • Please refer to the Student Non-Employee WPI expense report

    Fall 2019 Graduate Student Travel Award Recipients

    Aihaitijiang, Abudula Robotics Engineering
    Almazyad, Fadi Foisie Business School
    Alqaisi, Zaid Electrical & Computer Engineering
    Ashouri Choshali, Habibeh Civil & Environmental Engineering
    Azhari, Luqman Materials Science & Engineering
    Azizi, Shima Foisie Business School
    Bate, Teagan Physics
    Brzycki, Cassandra Chemical Engineering
    Carvalho, Paulo Robotics Engineering
    Chandrasekaran, Kavin Data Science
    Chen, Mengyuan Materials Science & Engineering
    Chen, Yinduo Civil & Environmental Engineering
    Chiluisa, Alex Robotics Engineering
    Collins, Joseph Chemical Engineering
    Constanzo, Ian Electrical & Computer Engineering
    Crowley, Elizabeth Biology & Biotechnology
    Daralagodu Dattatreya Jois, Sathwik Bharadwa Physics
    Dimas, Geri Data Science
    Ding, Qingli Materials Science & Engineering
    Diouri, Kaoutar Civil & Environmental Engineering
    Dupere, Justine Physics
    Gandomi, Katie Robotics Engineering
    Gerlach, Kyle Civil & Environmental Engineering
    Gerych, Walter Data Science
    Giri, Binod Mechanical Engineering
    Gleason, Matthew Materials Science & Engineering
    Grubbs, Jack Materials Science & Engineering
    Hao, Haichen Interactive Media and Game Development
    Hao, Zhaopeng Mathematical Science
    Hartvigsen, Thomas Data Science
    Herlihy, Conor Biology & Biotechnology
    Ho Thanh, Minh-Tri Physics
    Huang, Weixiao Data Science
    Jackson, Lela Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Jain, Prateek Foisie Business School
    Jebeli, Mahvash Biomedical Engineering
    Jimenez Castillo, Luis Foisie Business School
    Jin, Hyunsoo Materials Science & Engineering
    Kakar, Tabassum Data Science
    Khoja, Basma Foisie Business School
    Kocharyan, Hirachya Aerospace Engineering
    Kouhizadeh, Mahtab Foisie Business School
    Krishnan, Rahul Systems Engineering
    Huhlman, Caitlin Computer Science
    Kulkarni, Abhishek Robotics Engineering
    Kushnir, Kateryna Physics
    Li, Guangjiang Physics
    Li, Lening Robotics Engineering
    Li, Wenjing Mathematical Science
    Li, Yichen Interactive Media & Game Development
    Liu, Haitao Data Science
    Liu, Yingnan Data Science
    Liu, Yangtao Materials Science & Engineering
    Luo, Jianjun Data Science
    Mahajan, Shruti Computer Science
    Mansoor, Hamid Computer Science
    Masroor Shalmani, Maryam Mechanical Engineering
    Massar, Christopher Materials Science & Engineering
    McClintick, Kyle Electrical & Computer Engineering
    McGovern, Sean Robotics Engineering
    Mercadante, Dayna Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
    Mombini, Haadi Foisie Business School
    Mudgal, Aditya Materials Science & Engineering
    Munawar, Adnan Robotics Engineering
    Norouzi Nia, Javad Foisie Business School
    Nunez, Guillermo Carlo Mathematical Sciences
    Oyewole, Deborah Materials Science & Engineering
    Pal, Anusuya Physics
    Pearce, Katherine Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Pi, Xiaoyue Fire Protection Engineering
    Prignano, Lindsey Chemistry
    Qifti, Androniqi Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Rameshwar, Raagini Robotics Engineering
    Robbins, Emily Biomedical Engineering
    Robinson, Lynnete Mathematical Science
    Santawisook, Patchara Mathematical Science
    Sen, Devdip Electrical & Computer Engineering
    Sun, Huaming Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
    Tang, Haimi Mechanical Engineering
    Tarabein, Karim Robotics Engineering
    Thadajarassiri, Jidapa Data Science
    Tian, Xin Aerospace Engineering
    Unni Krishnan, Achyuthan Mechanical Engineering
    Uzonwanne, Vanessa Materials Science & Engineering
    Vanaphuti, Panawan Materials Science & Engineering
    Vargas Blanco, Diego Biology & Biotechnology
    Vieira, Andre Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Votta, Ann Robotics Engineering
    Weiss, Matthew Data Science
    Wiratchotisatian, Pitchaya Data Science
    Worthington, Shari Foisie Business School
    Xu, Yao Materials Science & Engineering
    Yang, Mengqiao Mechanical Engineering
    Ye, Jiaxuan Mathematical Science
    You, Di Data Science
    Youyen, Wiphu Physics
    Yu, Haixuan Materials Science & Engineering
    Yu, Yi Mathematical Science
    Zhang, Yubin Materials Science & Engineering
    Zhang, Ziyang Chemical Engineering
    Zhang, Huayi Data Science
    Zhou, Ying Biology & Biotechnology
    Zhou, Zhiru Chemical Engineering
    Zhu, Ziling Electrical & Computer Engineering