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WPI and IGERT: Training Innovative Leaders in the Field of Biofabrication

IGERT fellows at WPI will pursue a degree in a participating doctorate program, while joining an interdisciplinary cohort of WPI graduate students working on a range of research projects in the area of biofabrication. The IGERT curriculum, tailored specifically for the program, prepares doctoral students to transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries, develop a global perspective, and become leaders in academia and industry.  

Through interdisciplinary, collaborative research, IGERT fellows will develop leadership skills and experiences that will prepare them to translate their research in biofabrication into real-world health care innovations that will improve quality of life.  

At WPI, we are uniquely poised to implement the IGERT program for doctoral students due to our long-standing history of collaboration with local biomedical companies, our nationally recognized experience in project-enriched education, our proven track record of international programs through our network of global partners, and our demonstrated focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.