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IGERT Boot Camp – Your Introduction to Everything WPI Has to Offer

The development of IGERT fellows as innovative leaders is woven throughout our curriculum – beginning with the orientation Boot Camp that immerses IGERT fellows in WPI’s research community.

This intensive weeklong orientation program helps build a strong sense of community among the students before the formal start of the program. During Boot Camp you’ll meet other IGERT fellows and faculty members, become familiar with the WPI campus and our state-of-the-art facilities, and become part of the WPI community.

The objectives of Boot Camp are:

  • to encourage a sense of camaraderie among IGERT fellows and faculty members
  • to provide exposure to a variety of research skills relevant to biofabrication
  • to introduce IGERT fellows to important concepts of innovation and translation

To meet these objectives, Boot Camp includes educational talks and workshops on topics such as intellectual property and patent protection, developing an innovative mindset, translation, creativity, teamwork, and entrepreneurship.

Additionally, you’ll work with fellow IGERT students on a technical challenge involving creating cell alignment relative to control surfaces.

At Boot Camp you’ll also spend time touring our facilities and becoming familiar with our instrumentation. You’ll learn how to achieve an innovative mindset, and how an entrepreneurial vision can lead to scientific discovery.

You’ll participate in various social activities such as softball, billiards, and barbeques, all designed to help you get to know other students and faculty members, learn about the WPI campus, and become a part of our vibrant community.