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Moving Discoveries from the Bench to the Marketplace

In the ever-evolving world of health care, groundbreaking research is just the beginning. While cell-based therapies have tremendous potential to increase quality of life for patients, scientific discoveries made in the lab must be translated into practical application in the form of a drug, device, or other product for society to benefit from the research.

WPI’s IGERT module in Translational Engineering focuses on the real-world challenges of moving biofabrication innovations from the bench through product development and clinical trials. At WPI, faculty members from our Engineering and Life Sciences divisions and our School of Business work together to ensure that all course work, case studies, and research projects are directly related to the types of issues IGERT fellows will face when they enter the workforce.

The module combines scientific concepts, engineering processes, and industrial concerns – resulting in well-rounded IGERT fellows who are uniquely positioned to enter the workforce, and take any kind of technology and translate it into a product.