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Terri Camesano

Terri Anne Camesano

Prof & Dean of Grad Studies
Office: Office of the Provost
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x5380
Gregory Fischer

Gregory S. Fischer

Professor- Engineering
Office: 85 Prescott 234
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x5261
Professor Fischer is the William Smith Dean's Professor and a faculty member in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Engineering with an appointment in Biomedical Engineering at WPI. He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 2008 from Johns Hopkins University, where he was part of the NSF Engineering Research Center for Computer Integrated Surgery. At WPI he has been an integral part of developing the Robotics Engineering program and teaches primarily junior-level and graduate courses in Robotics. ... View Profile
Cosme Furlong-Vazquez

Cosme Furlong-Vazquez

Professor- Engineering
Office: Higgins Labs
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x5126
George Pins

George D Pins

Office: Gateway Park 4010
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x6742
The overall objective of my research is to create bioengineered scaffolds to enhance the regeneration of damaged tissues and organs. Specifically, my laboratory uses biomimetic design strategies and novel fabrication processes to develop three-dimensional constructs that emulate native tissue architecture and cellular microenvironments. We use these scaffolds to characterize the roles of extracellular matrix (ECM) cues and topographic features in modulating cellular functions, including adhesion, migration, proliferation, differentiation, and tissue remodeling. ... View Profile