<a href="/people/faculty/dalbrecht">Dirk Albrecht</a>

Dirk Albrecht

Associate Professor-Engineering
Office: Gateway Park 4004
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x4859
My research is in the area of microtechnology and neuroscience, with a focus on developing quantitative tools to study how neural signals govern behavior. My laboratory aims to investigate the molecular and genetic basis of neural circuit function and dynamics, to develop bioinformatic tools for analysis of high-content neural data, and to design rapid cellular and whole-organism screens for therapeutic drugs and genetic modulators affecting neural disease. ... View Profile
<a href="/people/faculty/kbilliar">Kristen Billiar</a>

Kristen Billiar

Professor and Department Head
Office: Gateway Park 4008
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x5384
Understanding the mechanisms by which mechanical forces regulate the development and healing of connective tissues and the pathogenesis of disease is becoming one of the foremost problems at the intersection of biomechanics and cell biology—it has spawned the field of mechanobiology. In our lab we use precisely engineered, two-dimensional and three-dimensional constructs as model systems to study the effects of external internal (cell-generated) forces on cell behavior, matrix biochemistry, and the biomechanics of soft tissues and biomaterials. ... View Profile
<a href="/people/faculty/terric">Terri Camesano</a>

Terri Anne Camesano

Prof & Dean of Grad Studies
Office: Office of the Provost
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x5380
<a href="/people/faculty/tdominko">Tanja Dominko</a>

Tanja Dominko

Associate Professor
Office: Life Science and Bioengineering Center 4020
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x4108
Our lab investigates the molecular basis of phenotype switching in human fibroblasts that can be modulated using defined extracellular stimuli. We evaluate the role of oxygen and growth factor FGF2 isoforms independently and in combination in order to identify key molecular mechanisms and pathways, some of which closely mimic mechanisms described in human embryonic stem cells. Extended lifespan of these cells in culture also offers us a model for investigation of molecular mechanism that are regulating cell cycle in the context of both aging and cancer. ... View Profile
<a href="/people/faculty/rjduck">R. James Duckworth</a>

R. James Duckworth

Associate Professor-Engineering
Office: Atwater Kent 301
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x5204
My electrical and computer engineering interests include multiprocessing, parallel computation, logic synthesis, embedded system design, autonomous robots, and computer architecture. Recently my research work has centered on the Precision Personnel Locator (PPL) for First Responders. This project started as a result of the tragic incident in Worcester in 1999 when six firefighters lost their lives in a warehouse fire. ... View Profile
<a href="/people/faculty/gfischer">Gregory Fischer</a>

Gregory S. Fischer

Professor- Engineering
Office: 50 Prescott, Rm 4804
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x5261
Professor Fischer is the William Smith Dean's Professor and a faculty member in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Engineering with a appointments in Biomedical Engineering & Electrical Engineering at WPI. He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 2008 from Johns Hopkins University, where he was part of the NSF Engineering Research Center for Computer Integrated Surgery. At WPI he has been an integral part of developing the Robotics Engineering program and teaches primarily junior-level and graduate courses in Robotics. ... View Profile
<a href="/people/faculty/cfurlong">Cosme Furlong-Vazquez</a>

Cosme Furlong-Vazquez

Professor- Engineering
Office: Higgins Labs
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x5126
<a href="/people/faculty/gaudette">Glenn Gaudette</a>

Glenn R. Gaudette

Office: Gateway Park 4012
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x6086
Glenn R. Gaudette, PhD, is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He received his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from SUNY – Stony Brook. He has over 75 publications, co-edited a book on Cardiovascular Regeneration, has 4 issued patents and founded a company based on the technology developed in his laboratory. His research, which is supported by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, aims to develop a treatment for the millions of Americans suffering from myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular diseases. ... View Profile
<a href="/people/faculty/fhoy">Francis Hoy</a>

Francis Hoy

Beswick Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Office: Gateway 2 at 50 Prescott Street, 1319
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x4998
For many reasons, I am surprised to find myself at WPI. Previously, I lived in my hometown and was employed at my alma mater, never intending to leave. But WPI presented an opportunity that was too exciting to miss. This is an institution that stresses innovation and entrepreneurship, and those have been the focus of my career. The environment here is vigorous and challenging. Students expect to work hard and to be exposed to new ideas. The emphasis on project-based learning is a marvelous fit with the entrepreneurial mindset. ... View Profile
<a href="/people/faculty/clambert">Christopher Lambert</a>

Christopher R. Lambert

Associate Teaching Professor
Office: Goddard Hall 128
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x5443
Christopher R. Lambert, Ph.D. is a Research Associate Professor with appointments both in the Bioengineering Institute and the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department. He is the Associate Director of the WPI Bioengineering Institute. He is co-founder of Active Surface Technologies a research company dedicated to the development of specialized molecular films. Professor Lambert earned a Ph.D. from the University of Paisley in Scotland, and spent two years in a post-doctoral position at the Center for Fast Kinetics in Austin, Texas. ... View Profile
<a href="/people/faculty/ym">Yitzhak Mendelson</a>

Yitzhak Mendelson

Office: Gateway Park 3007
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x5103
As an educator, I enjoy teaching and mentoring students. At the undergraduate level, I teach advanced biomedical instrumentation and laboratory-based courses that relate fundamental science and engineering concepts to biomedical applications. In addition to classroom teaching, I also enjoy interacting with students less formally in a teaching laboratory setting and mentoring students in capstone design projects. ... View Profile
<a href="/people/faculty/rpage">Raymond Page</a>

Raymond L. Page

Professor of Practice
Office: Gateway Park 4005
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x4109
For undergraduate instruction, I enjoy relating the fundamentals of individual material properties and biological processes to the engineering of complex systems or processes to produce medically useful products. Coupling engineering principles with the inherent challenges of biological systems to understand and predict system behavior in the context of the capstone design experience is of particular interest. ... View Profile

Amy M. Peterson

Researcher, Chemical Engineering
<a href="/people/faculty/gpins">George Pins</a>

George D Pins

Office: Gateway Park 4010
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x6742
The overall objective of my research is to create bioengineered scaffolds to enhance the regeneration of damaged tissues and organs. Specifically, my laboratory uses biomimetic design strategies and novel fabrication processes to develop three-dimensional constructs that emulate native tissue architecture and cellular microenvironments. We use these scaffolds to characterize the roles of extracellular matrix (ECM) cues and topographic features in modulating cellular functions, including adhesion, migration, proliferation, differentiation, and tissue remodeling. ... View Profile
<a href="/people/faculty/mrolle">Marsha Rolle</a>

Marsha Whitney Rolle

Associate Professor
Office: Gateway Park 4011
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x4145
In my research laboratory at WPI, teams of graduate and undergraduate students collaborate with researchers at WPI and the University of Massachusetts Medical School to design, fabricate, culture and analyze cell-based engineered vascular tissue. ... View Profile
<a href="/people/faculty/ktroy">Karen Troy</a>

Karen Troy

Associate Professor
Office: Gateway Park Room 4007
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x6093
The ability of our biological tissues to adapt to their mechanical environment, and the ways in which our tissues are well suited for their own mechanical role within the body, is a constant source of wonder to me. I am interested in understanding the mechanical signals that are experienced within the skeleton during different types of physical activity, understanding what features of these signals stimulate bone to adapt its structure, and in developing noninvasive methods to quantify bone strength. ... View Profile
<a href="/people/faculty/qwen">Qi Wen</a>

Qi Wen

Associate Professor
Office: Olin Hall 213A
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x6057
Professor Wen is an experimental biophysicist who is interested in applying physical methods to understand biological phenomena. By measuring the mechanical properties of living cells and the mechanical interaction between cells and ECM, he aims to understand how cells convert external mechanical signals to internal biochemical signals that govern cellular function, including cell morphology, migration, and differentiation. His research will help to design novel materials for wound healing, tissue engineering, and tumor treatment. ... View Profile