Drama & Theatre

There’s a Role for You at WPI

At WPI, the arts are highly appreciated and actively pursued.    

Our range of Drama/Theatre academic study offerings is impressive.  Here students can complete their Humanities degree requirement with either the Inquiry Seminar or the Inquiry Practicum in Drama/Theatre.  The Inquiry Practicum is unique from the Seminar in that it provides students with a production/performance experience.   Undergraduates interested in acting, directing, design, producing, or other theatrical activities have the opportunity to complete the Humanities and Arts undergraduate requirement through a theatre-based project during the regular academic theatre season at WPI.  

An undergraduate may also choose to Minor in Drama/Theatre, and even go on to major [or double major] in the Humanities and Arts with a Concentration in Drama/Theatre.  Areas of study include American drama, writing for the theatre, dramaturgy, theatre technology and design, acting, directing, and other production work undertaken during the academic theatre season.  

Theatre is one of the most popular activities on campus and there are numerous opportunities to showcase talent or simply to enrich the college years.  

Our academic Drama/Theatre concentration is one of only a few of its kind, emphasizing technology with a considerable amount of hands-on work with the chance to design in a highly focused specialty. 

With the November performance of INHERIT THE WIND, HUA Drama/Theatre and Masque celebrate eight years of successful academic productions in the Little Theatre


Several groups on campus produce theatre productions throughout the year and often in the Little Theatre. These include:

  • NEW VOICES: The nation’s longest continually running collegiate original play festival. Since 1982 New Voices has performed original scripts from the WPI community.
  • MASQUE: Masque, in association with the WPI Department of Humanities and Arts, stages three major productions a year: a well-known classic from dramatic literature in B term, a play chosen by the Masque president in C term, and New Voices.
  • M.W. Repertory Theatre Company [featuring alumni, students and community members in experimental forms];
  • Alpha Psi Omega 24 hour show [featuring WPI members of the international honor drama fraternity]; and
  • occasional presentations in the Little Theatre featuring work from Drama/Theatre courses, including technology designs, developmental theatre pieces, and other new work.

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Inquiry Practicum

Find out what Inquiry Seminars or Practicums (.pdf, 413kb) will be added this academic year here.

To complete the Humanities & Arts Requirement, Drama & Theatre students may choose to act, direct, or design for a campus production. Due to the unique nature of the practicum, permission of an instructor is required prior to enrollment.