Environmental Studies

Caring for the Earth Through Interdisciplinary Study

The well-being of the world we live in now--and will leave to our children later--is a major concern.

Humanities & Arts students who pursue the interdisciplinary Environmental Studies concentration take coursework in the social sciences, humanities, and other disciplines to explore environmental issues such as air quality management and urban planning, as well as humanistic issues as they relate to the planet we call home. It’s science-meets-nature, giving students the tools they need to develop globally beneficial solutions.

Inquiry Seminars

As part of the HUA Requirement, students may concentrate on topics such as environmental history, philosophy, literature, and writing. They may also touch on social, religious, and political issues.

Find out what Inquiry Seminars or Practicums (.pdf, 413kb) will be added this academic year here.

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Where Religion and the Environment Meet

Professor Roger Gottlieb discusses religious environmentalism as a response to the environmental crisis: "You find throughout the world religious community that people are responding, and responding in their own mind, for explicitly religious reasons."