The faculty members in the Humanities & Arts department are a diverse group with extremely varied backgrounds. Some are professional composers, performers, artists, and writers who exhibit, adjudicate, and perform internationally while maintaining a strong commitment to teaching their art. Others find purpose in delving into some of the world’s most significant questions through philosophy, religion, history, or literature. Still others explore these questions within the context of a particular culture and its linguistic and literary traditions.

Despite these differences, HUA faculty members all share a passion for lifelong learning. At WPI, committed researchers and scholars with world-class credentials bring their expertise into the classroom and work alongside students to understand human traditions and invent new forms of human expression and meaning.

Kristin Boudreau

Kristin Boudreau

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Salisbury Laboratories, 125
Phone: +1-508-831-5246
Fax: +1-508-831-5932

Kristin Boudreau

Professor Boudreau became Associate Dean of Humanities & Arts in 2012 and teaches HUA writing courses and the Great Problems Seminar’s "Feed the World.” She finds WPI invigorating because the value of the humanities and arts is built into the curriculum.  Learn more about Professor Boudreau...

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