Media Arts Certificate

Delve Deeper into Your Artistic Passions

Humanities and Arts Department: Media Arts Certificate

The program, created by WPI professors V.J. Manzo and Frederick Bianchi, is designed for artists of all skills and disciplines. Learn new and cutting-edge techniques for developing creative works through one-on-one meetings online with distance learning coursework, and interactive projects.

Customize your own program

Learn the content you want in a personalized, practical, and unique way. Choose any four courses from our offerings and complete your certificate program in as little as 28 weeks. The program is yours to customize. Explore what interests you, and finish at your own pace. Professionals: earn 20 Professional Development Points per course (80 points total) in addition to the WPI Media Arts Certificate.

Choose your own courses and dates

All courses are offered each term. Choose the courses you'd like to take in the term and sequence you'd like to take them. The dates for each term are:

  • A Term - Sept 1 - Oct 21
  • B Term - Nov 1 - Dec 21
  • C Term - Jan 7 - Feb 27
  • D Term - March 1 - April 21
  • E Term - May 1 - June 21
  • F Term - July 1 - August 21

Participants may choose any number of courses they’d like or simply attend the optional residency in Bar Harbor Maine. The typical course of study is to complete the three TOPICS course and choose one CAPSTONE course. Tuition for the optional residency is included for students who have completed 4 courses. Each course is seven weeks long with individual meeting times flexibly arranged between the instructor and the participant. Instructional materials and other resources are provided online and students may work at their own individualized pace to complete projects of their own interest with the support and expertise of WPI faculty and other industry professionals.

Optional Artist Residency in Acadia National Park

This unique experience culminates with an optional artist residency in Acadia National Park where participants create artistic works with or alongside their peers. Escape to beautiful Maine to compose a one-of-a-kind composition. Collaborate with your peers on musical robotics. Devise a tech-based curriculum for your classroom. Learn how to build an app for a Smartphone. Explore an interactive performance opportunity. Use state-of-the-art tools in a natural environment. Revamp the way your team prepares for worship services.  The options are endless!