Humanities & Arts Projects

Through their coursework and the required Humanities & Arts Project, all WPI students come to appreciate the values attained through the study of music, history, foreign languages, literature, theatre, art and architecture, rhetoric, philosophy, religion, or their attendant disciplines.

Students meet the Humanities & Arts degree requirement by completing five courses plus one concluding project completed during an Inquiry Seminar or a Practicum in an area of focus. This project provides our students opportunities for in-depth encounters with humanistic inquiry or creative expression in an artistic project.

Get to know some of our students, and see the difference their Humanities & Arts Projects have had on both their lives and those of others.

David Fraioli, '87
Project: An Actor’s Complex of Patterns and Processes

Linnea M. Palmer Paton, '11
Project: Just Like Us: An Experiment in Listening

George Michael Raad, '12
Project: Late Medieval to Renaissance Cartography