Blinding Silence: A Sound-Based Puzzle Game

MQP Team:

  • Ryan Bedell
  • Elliot Borenstein
  • Drew Hickox
  • Lukas Wong-Achorn


  • Jennifer deWinter
  • Rob Lindeman

Use the power of sound to save a world on the brink of madness! Blinding Silence is a game where the player utilizes the ability to see sound to solve physical puzzles. With unique "sonar vision," puzzle elements come to life in a system of interacting elements.

A wave of darkness has fallen over the land, and as the light wanes, so too does free will. Humans are mindlessly repeating the same motions forever. The player controls a blind man saved by chance, influencing the mindless humans through sonic interaction, altering their tasks in order to solve puzzles. The player solves puzzles, breaks the crystals keeping the world in thrall, and helps to bring light back to a land of darkness! The game is controlled using a physical interface involving two Wii remotes (wiimotes). The first wiimote, along with a nunchuck attachment, is used to control the player's in-game cane and movement. The second wiimote tracks infrared lights on the player's head, allowing the player to control the camera using head movements. Learn more…

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